Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Most of the mechanical jobs are done now, I still have the front brakes to refurbish and new timing chains to fit, no rattles at present, but just in case as a failure would wreck the engine. Really just cosmetic jobs now, but I did want to fit a relay for the Kenlowe electric cooling fan. I had found the the wiring to the overide switch on the dash got quite warm when I used it and the warning light didn't come on.

I thought fitting a relay between the radiator and front grill, where it would be out of site would be a good idea. I had already removed the air horn to this area and I knew there would be space.

I worked out how I would run the wiring and tried it out by temporarily connecting the relay to make sure it all worked, with a relay only a very small negative current would run to the thermostatic and dash override stitch, but a separate live supply would be needed for the dash warning light.

 All worked as I had hoped, so I measured out the correct lengths of appropriate cable and crimped on insulated spade connectors and connected them all to the relay switch, I then permanently fixed the relay to the other side of the thermostatic switch.

I ran the wires up to the engine bulkhead in split corrugated tubing, clipped it into place and fed the wires under the dash to the new switch and LED warning light.

Great, now I will know exactly at what temperature the fan switches on and will be able to adjust the thermostatic switch accordingly, because at the moment I think it might be coming on a bit early, no bad thing, certainly much better than overheating.

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